Baseus for iPhone 8 & 7 Arc Edge The Whole Package TPU+PC Soft and hard Mosaic Combination Protective Case(Black)

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1. Functional: the case can fit your phone well and make a big difference on protecting your iPhone 7 from shock, scratch, slip, dust and so on.
2. Convenient: all buttons and ports are accessible.
3. Portable: it is unnecessary for you to take it off once your iPhone 7 puts it on because it is quite thin and light.
4. Durable: with good performance and high quality TPU and PC material, it may work for a long time.
5. Cost-effective: a very suitable price have been set for the case. It is an affordable product.
6. Fashionable: owing to the artful design, such as the artistic double color and functional hard PC holder design, the case is very stylish and popular.

Compatible with
Apple:  iPhone 8 , iPhone 7
Material TPU, PC
Features Shockproof, Dropproof, Anti-slip, Anti-scratch, Wear-resistant, Ultra-thin
User For Anyone
Size 22*11*1.8cm
Weight 75g
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.10kgs / 0.21lb
Qty per Carton 160
Carton Weight 13.50kgs / 29.76lb
Carton Size 52cm * 39cm * 26cm / 20.47inch * 15.35inch * 10.24inch