Kit Main Libre au Volant Bluetooth Support FM Transmitter & TF Card

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1. Support TF card to play MP3 format music (Note: The card just to play music);
2. LCD display, Caller ID, track, frequency, time, status information is displayed;
3) Support Mobile phone of the automatic download function (can store 600 phone book), real the driving easily find phone numbers, dial telephone with ease;
4. Support for English, French, German, Arabic, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, Indonesian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Russian, menu, the name of the phone can display the languages of the 12 countries;
5. Support for direct key dialing (truly easy dialing when driving);
6. FM stereo transmitter (88.1 - 107.9), it is recommended to select a frequency of use of the program;
7. With a unique Bluetooth wireless headsets, (inconvenient to drive others to hear the phone Private headphones connected phone);
8. With the 0-9 number keys, CH, Play / Pause, Next / VOL +, BACK/VOL-, answer, hang up / power supply, the secret to listen to a total of 17 keys;
9. Supports voice dialing function (voice dialing), phone support before use
10. Note: The first song to sing MP3 can not be suspended

The phone pairing operation is as follows:
1. Power long press the power button directly to see appear on the screen: the pairing mode before let go
2. On the phone features Bluetooth,
3. Search for Bluetooth devices with Bluetooth hands-free pairing, When the "EEE" appears on the phone screen, prompted by the phone to operate the machine password: 0000
4. After successful pairing, the small button you can call
5. Detection pairing is successful method: wired telephone incoming call number is displayed on the screen, or the small button to call for success

Functional Operations
1. 0-9 number keys for telephone dialing;
2. The answer key: Short press to answer an incoming call, the other states to do the confirmation function keys; quick double-click function keys
3. CH key: double-click this button, the display will light when the frequency appears, and then press the NEXT / VOL + key or back/VOL- key to adjust the frequency;
Short press NEXT / VOL + key or back/VOL- key for the next one or the previous one, long press the volume plus or minus; talk or idle Short press volume plus or minus;
4. Secretary to listen to key / But I key: short press the FM transmitter MP3 state, headsets, speakers switch during a call, if the headset is not unplug the transmitter / speaker / phone switching, such as headphones pull out FM transmitter automatically cut to 97.8MHZ the frequency, headphones to answer;
5. The play button: Play / Pause, fast double in MP3 or Bluetooth music status;
6. The on-hook key: when a call or during a call, press the hang up; other states long press the on / off / removed.
7. Charge the headset indicator: Charging red light flashes, frequency 1HZ has charged off;
8. The host power management: do three battery icon battery indicator;
a discharge: When the voltage V> 4V said full power grid; when two power grid voltage V> 3.8V <4V; indicates the battery is only a grid when voltage V> 3.6V <3.8V; when the voltage V <3.6 V indicates the battery is small, show battery empty shell; when the voltage V = 3.5V, low battery, the battery shell flash, and the tone off automatically after about 60S;
9. Charging: When the voltage V <3.6V battery icon starts flashing from the first grid, when the voltage V> 3.8 when the battery icon starts to flash from the second grid, when the voltage V> 4V battery icon from the beginning of the third grid flashing, when the voltage V = 4.2V battery icon stops flashing, stop charging after about 30S.
10. The standby power amplifier, transmitter, backlight off, standby current of less than 10mA;
11. 2 W loud speaker;
12. Caller ID display the name of the caller (phone storage) or phone number (not saved), can store 600 phone numbers;
13. Voice dialing function (phone has this feature);Fortunately,
- You in advance should you use voice dialing telephone recording the inside of your phone
- Paired Bluetooth, long press the dial button, the phone will appear: Please speak tips
- You say you want to call the name of the person (phone recording good), the phone can help you making a call
- Each spoken name of the person to be consistent,
14. Last number redial function; standby mode, short press the function key to redial the last outgoing phone number
15. Automatic reconnection to Bluetooth boot automatically connected (the first time you connect the phone with bluetooth car kit with automatic connection function);
16. Memory 8 paired phones; switch off the phone, turn off the Bluetooth re-opened the phone from Bluetooth mobile phones priority will even
17. Call: dial-dialed calls, dial a speed dial, or choose to set aside in the phone book;
19. Adjust the volume during a call or when playing music long press VOL + key or back/VOL- can adjust the size of the sound;
20. The unit can use a wireless headset to listen to music;
21. How to choose the language menu:
- Standby, double-click the function key () appears on the display - language selection (the English Language Selectec (Sino-Japanese word appears in the upper right corner, and then click go, then press the left + - keys to select the desired language, then press the function key that can.
22. How to use the phone book?
- After pairing the phone with a Bluetooth, double-click function keys, press the up or down button, locate the "sync phone book", click function keys, phone to your phone will automatically transfer over (phone supports ), you wait until the download is complete, press dialed calls to confirm that you view the phone this view to your mobile phone as this.
- If you view your phone's phone book might not find the phone book, your phone will not have this feature, only use the first
- Two-way
- After pairing the phone with a Bluetooth, double-click function keys, press the up or down button to identify Syndicate Phone 2 ", open your phone calls of the selected one of the options - Send business card - Blue
- Teeth --- selected the Bluetooth (EEE), click OK, you see the phone transmission is complete, you repeat the above action, individually transmitted to the transfer is complete, you view the phone can view this your phone's phone book. You to dial phone Bluetooth phone book, find, Press OK again to turn the key, turn by Shang, find the phone you want to make a call button can dial out
- Tips: If the download is successful phone view this information, you can choose to reset the phone book on the menu, and then repeat the download phone book.

Material ABS
Connector 3.5mm plug, 1 x TF card slot
Input Voltage 5V
Player Format MP3
Bluetooth Edition V2.0
Product Size 13*9*4cm
Product Weight 128g
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.31kgs / 0.67lb
Qty per Carton 40
Carton Weight 12.50kgs / 27.56lb
Carton Size 42cm * 39cm * 29cm / 16.54inch * 15.35inch * 11.42inch